How to use Feng Shui Home Colors for Better Health, Relationships and Financial Wealth.

The right colors are different for every house and each person.

…and it’s all according to the Natural Elements.

In authentic Feng Shui, there is no generalization of “good” or “bad”.

Where a red door may help your neighbor become wealthier, that same door could welcome sickness and problems into your family home.


Each house, and person, is different.

In fact, in authentic Feng Shui, each house has a particular set of elemental characteristics, with their own strengths, and weaknesses.

And in this course, you learn how it all works.


Elemental Numerology

Discover Elemental Numerology and how each color connects to a different natural element.


Your Unique Feng Shui Color Grid

Calculate your Home’s Feng Shui Color Grid, revealing how each color specifically impacts your home.


Feng Shui & Astrology Connection

How each color impacts inhabitants differently because of their Feng Shui – Astrology Connection


Money Magnet Colors

Discover your Money Magnet Colors to Attract more money, and whom they benefit most in the house.


Reduce Problems & Illness with Color

The colors cause you problems, illness, communication breakdowns and how to remove them from your life.


Connecting with your Angel

Each house has a Guardian Angel. Learn how to connect with your home’s Angel & get their help.


Studying with Aur has so many broad and varied benefits. All I know is that my life has never been better! My marriage is better than it has ever been and I always use what I learn with Aur when thinking about buying new items for the home.

It has all just made life a lot easier.


Regional Manager, NetApp

After we used this Feng Shui Color course for our business, everything just boomed! We went from being a small mom & pop detailing garage to now owning a multi-location company worth over $2.5 million USD. Feng Shui made a HUGE difference to our business.

Mew & Tong

Owners, Fikze Detailing & Color