Age, Numerology & Change

Weekday Astrology – Class 7

Welcome! What a treat! Because we were able to get through the entire Taksa Grid in just 6 classes, we have 2 whole classes to look into more areas of Weekday Astrology, like the numerological meaning of age!

What you’ll learn in this class:

In this class, you will learn how we all go through predictable and similar personality changes as we grow older. All because of the numerology behind our age.

We go through how to read the influence every age has on a person, from the day they were born until their 100th birthday!


You’ll learn how your life changes in cycles surrounding your birthday, and why having good luck happen to you before a birthday may not necessarily be a good omen for the year ahead…

So much to talk about! 

See you inside!

Vick & Aur.

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