How Aur Reads Feng Shui

Aur’s Mental Process

Welcome! This is a bonus class taken from one of our Live Advanced Inner Circle classes (email us for more information  first of the Feng Shui Position Mastery series. In this class, you will discover what true Feng Shui actually is, the 9 core Feng Shui positions (or “Areas of Influence”), and how they impact your life.  

What you’ll learn in this class:

In this video, you’ll discover what to expect while learning a course with Aur and Vick, and how it may differ from other “Mastery Classes” ( – e.g. no bs. 😉 ).


We will introduce you to the most important 9 areas of influence (Feng Shui Positions) you will be using throughout the coming classes in this course. These 9 Feng shui positions alone already are – and have been – determining your habits, choices, and behavior throughout your life. 

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