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Feng Shui Positions Mastery & Weekday Astrology Mastery.

Feng Shui Positions Mastery

In Feng Shui Positions Mastery, you learn how the layout of your home and the positions of every item within your home, furniture.. etc, literally shapes your lifestyle and habits to the point that you can accurately predict anything about a person’s life, just from their floorplan.


Weekday Astrology Mastery

Weekday Astrology Mastery introduces you to the World’s most ancient of all personality profiling systems: Taksa. Taksa is a form of Astrology first adopted by the ancient Mesopotemians during the birth of civilization. It is based on the 7 weekdays and their connection to the planets and elements. Although over 5,000 years old, this Astrology system is still one of the most accurate, providing uncanny insights into a person’s entire life just from the day they were born.