Picking Your Colors Part 1

Feng Shui Colors Mastery – Class 7

Welcome class 7! You’re almost done! What did you think of the last class’s Feng Shio example? Did you enjoy it? Hope so! So now it’s time to look at how to apply the knowledge you’ve gained from this course. 

What you’ll learn in this class:

In this class, you will get guidance on what thinking processes to use when picking the right Feng Shui colors for your home and situation.

In essence, it is a 4 step process:

1. Consider the item or room

When you are deciding on which colors to use, think about the item or room’s use or purpose in connection with the Influence you wish to connect with it.
i.e. do you want to have ST in your bed?

2. Think about what you truly want.
Sometimes we simply want what we want, but then we must accept the consequences. For example, sleeping in and being lazy may feel great, but it won’t get you far in life. Think about what you want to achieve and whether it is truly good for you.

3. Chose based on your lifestyle.
Each person needs different things according to their personal situation. A “right” color for one person won’t be right for another. Also, keep age in mind with this.

4. Remember, there are many details included in Feng Shui.
Before making your final decision as to what is best, think about the house’s Feng Shui positions AND the individual’s Taksa.


This class has lots of additional useful Feng Shui tips and advice. Make sure to read the transcriptions to make sure you don’t miss any golden nuggets!