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Welcome! This is your Student Portal.

This is where we host all of our main course content from the 3 major courses. Here you will find the classes you have purchased in the tabs above for easy access. Those purchased will be unlocked for you, plus you will see the locked classes of the other courses. Unless you enrolled in the entire Feng Shui Life Mastery Bundle, in which case everything will be unlocked for you.

What’s here in the Feng Shui Life Mastery Portal?

This portal contains three interconnected Feng Shui Mastery Courses: 

1. Feng Shui Color Mastery:

You most likely joined us with this class as it is our Flagship course. 

Colors Mastery is where you discover your home’s unique color matrix which determines how each and every color in your home – from the fridge to the sheets you sleep in – influences how you interact with those objects and your life as a whole. 

In later classes we further delve into the spiritual aspect of Feng Shui, discussing how to pay respects to the guardian spirit of your home (there’s one in every house) and how they can help protect you and your family. 

Looking to make a change in your life? Use the classes in this course to find which colors you need to surround yourself with to create the life you want. 

2. Weekday Astrology Mastery (Taksa):

This course is where you’ll find something that connects you to your home and the world around you – Weekday Astrology, otherwise known as Taksa or Elemental Astrology. Using this system you are able to understand your – and everyone else’s entire personality, from how you act in social occasions to your thinking patterns, how you act when you’re angry and even the hidden weaknesses you don’t like to share with others. 

All from the day of the week you were born. 

Weekday Astrology reveals how every aspect of your personality and life are connected to the four elements in unique ways, and in turn, the colors representing the elements. 

When studied together, Feng Shui Positions and Feng Shui Colors, and Weekday Astrology Mastery provides you a completely unique overview of your life, how everything from the color clothes you wear to the position of your toilet impacts your entire life and allows you to make changes that are right for you and your family, specifically. 

3. Feng Shui Positions Mastery:

This course is where you will learn about how the shape of your home and the positioning of everything in your home impacts your personality and habits. Plus, learn how the shape of your home impacts the family dynamic.

(Great for anyone planning on moving soon or wanting to make changes to your surroundings to shift your life in a new direction!)

Of all 3 course avenues, this provides the most universal Feng Shui principles and practices useful for everyone in general. The other 2 courses move more into individualized Feng Shui principles according to your home and your Astrology. 

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Update: March 2021 

1. We’ve put your class transcriptions in a tab of their own for easier access 🙂  

2. Plus we’ve added bonus content under the “Bonus Classes” tab.

3. and we are currently working on editing the videos, notes, and slides for a more streamlined experience

.4. Plus! At your request, we’re now working on a homework tab for all homework, assignments and other forms of practice.  


Again, welcome to the Feng Shui Mastery Portal! If you need anything at all, you can email us directly:

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Aur & Vick


* Disclaimer. All of the course content provided in this course is for personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes. This information is purely for your own personal use in your own life. It is not meant to be used to teach, train or consult 3rd parties. The materials provided may not be shared, duplicated, or otherwise distributed without the express written consent of the course facilitators. If you are found using these materials for commercial uses or sharing, duplicating, or otherwise distributing these materials to others your access will be revoked immediately.

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