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Feng Shui Colors Mastery – Class 4

Welcome! You’re halfway there! Welcome to class 4 in this Feng Shui Color Mastery series. Now that you’ve learned how to calculate Feng Shui colors using the Feng Shui Color grid and how the colors impact each person differently according to their Astrology, it’s time to look at some live examples.

What you’ll learn in this class:

In this class, you will experience live examples of Aur reading student’s homes. This is the class where using Taksa (Weekday Astrology) combined with the Feng Shui Color Grid, you can see first hand how much information you can know about:

* Relationship dynamics

* Personality

* Behavior

* Spending & Earning  Habits 

and more…

Just from a person’s address and birthday.

​See you in the Class!

Vick & Aur