Taksa 1 – Elemental Numerology

Weekday Astrology – Class 1

Welcome! This is the first of the Weekday Astrology series. By the end of this course you will learn how to predict almost every area of a person’s personality, just from the day of the week they were born.   

What you’ll learn in this class:

In this class, you’ll discover the element and personality behind every number 0-9, as the foundation to understanding how every number in your life, from your bank account to the hospital room number or your birthdate, completely shape your life. 


You will learn about the number’s natural enemy and friend pairs, and what chaos or harmony these pairs create whenever found together.

… and for example why you never want to have a license plate with 1&3 together…

Again, welcome! to the first class of the Weekday Astrology course. If there is anything you need, email us at class@fengshuilifemastery.com.

See you in the class!

Vick & Aur. 

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